Countdown to 2030 and TNWA collaborate on regional workshop

Transform Nutrition West Africa is collaborating with Countdown to 2030 on a Regional Nutrition Workshop which aims to:

(1) enhance the evidence for nutrition-related issues for women, children and adolescents in West Africa, and

(2) strengthen the capacity for analysis of nutrition data from household surveys and other sources.

The workshop will take place June 10-14 in Senegal and will include nominated participants from the region with expertise in nutrition analysis. The West African Health Organization (WAHO) serves as the sub-regional lead organization, working closely with UNICEF, WHO, and Alive & Thrive. The initiative represents a commitment in West Africa to improved nutrition data analysis, understanding and translation to impact decisions on policy and programming.

For more information contact Shelley Walton, Countdown to 2030, Project Coordinator,