Nutrition policy in West Africa: Policy review extraction database

TNWA conducted a policy review, which explored and summarized the current landscape of nutrition-relevant policy for each West African country as well as at the regional level. It highlighted strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in nutrition-relevant policy and assessed coherence within and across policies. The resulting database can be downloaded here.

This database includes a data extraction spreadsheet with descriptive characteristics of each policy document (n=145) and the detailed themes identified in the coding process.

Descriptive characteristics include: title; sector (nutrition, health, WASH, food security, environment, multisectoral, etc.); entities responsible for supervision; implementation status (currently in use, advanced drafting stage); type of document; and the policy start and end date.

Themes include: context (forms of malnutrition, drivers, consequences, populations affected, disparities, evidence-base of the situation analysis); objectives (general and nutrition objectives); nutrition indicators; interventions (type and content, population coverage, implementers, financing (funding, costing), coordination mechanisms and coverage indicators.