Guidance for Improving Nutrition-Relevant Policy Development in West Africa: Evidence Note

To address and prevent malnutrition, institutions and governments are encouraged to implement multisectoral approaches. Against the backdrop of a mounting burden of overweight and obesity and a persistent burden of undernutrition, addressing causes of malnutrition with integrated approaches that create and sustain synergistic, mutually reinforcing policy mechanisms is crucial for amplifying progress.

Through a desk review and in consultation with experts in each country, we identified, coded, and reviewed all nutrition-relevant policies for each West African country. This guidance reflects the best practices as analyzed across the regional policy landscape. Practices were selected because they constitute key steps in the processes of nutrition-relevant policy planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation; we did not measure policy impact on nutritional outcomes. These recommendations should serve to guide future development and updates of policies relevant to nutrition. A detailed database is available for download here, and a synthesis report describing findings across the region as well as country policy landscape notes can be found here.