Mobile phones, nutrition, and agriculture in Ghana: Cost-Effectiveness Baseline Report

Background: This is the baseline report for the cost-effectiveness analysis of the Vodafone Farmers Club, Ghana, a ValueAdded Service supported by a grant from GSMA as a part of the mNutrition programme. mNutrition is a global initiative supported by DFID, organised by GSMA, and implemented by in-country mobile network operators (MNOs) to use mobile technology to improve the health and nutritional status of children and adults in low-income countries around the world.

Method: Undertook a literature review of the cost-effectiveness of agricultural and nutrition interventions. This allows for:

  • enabling the cost-effectiveness to be compared with programmes that have some similar elements to the Vodafone Farmer’s Club.
  • Create a framework for the analysis in 2019 (from the literature and baseline data)
  • Collect and collate known costs at this point in time, with the specific view of gathering and monitoring missing costs in the coming period.

Analysis: Defined in three components: including setup and ongoing costs for the specific intervention (Vodafone Farmers Club) (analysis A), wider mNutrition programmatic costs (analysis B), and a scenario that included societal costs including farmer costs and benefits (analysis C).

The report is one of four baseline deliverables on the Vodafone Farmer’s Club project, each of which will be followed up by a final report at the end of the evaluation exercise in 2019.