Stories of Change in Nutrition

A series of Stories of Change in Nutrition studies will be carried out in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana. These build on the Stories of Change studies already carried out  by Transform Nutrition in other countries which focus on assessing nutrition-relevant data, programs and policies, as well as capturing experiential learning from those doing nutrition-relevant work in the region (policy makers, program managers, implementers, nutrition champions), in order to assess how nutrition has improved (or not) in focal countries over time. Working with and disseminating this work amongst key stakeholders as part of the studies is intended to improve agenda setting, conceptualization and implementation of policies and planning at national and subnational level. 

For Senegal, we will built upon the earlier published series of Stories of Change study by Transform Nutrition in 2017. While these countries still face significant challenges in reducing undernutrition, some, like Ghana, have made significant improvements. Following the basic approach successfully implemented in 2015-17 (Stories of Change 2017), we will apply a mixed methods approach in each country, including policy and program landscaping, stakeholder mapping, key informant interviews, analysis of existent data and trends and decomposition analysis of DHS trends. This will allow us to: 

i) Capture nutrition-relevant country-level changes and challenges that have occurred since approximately 2010, by examining changes in nutrition-relevant indicators, policies and programs, and stakeholder perceptions; 

ii) Capture anticipated future nutrition-relevant country-level changes and challenges, based on stakeholder perspectives (up to approximately 2025); and 

iii) Where additional funding is available, we will capture community-level perceptions on changes in nutrition over time as well as anticipated changes and challenges to their lived experience with regards to nutrition and overall health. Overall, we will focus our analysis on political commitment to nutrition, policy and program coherence (across sectors as well as administrative levels), and on implementation experiences. As well as mapping and interviewing stakeholders, each country study will include workshops with stakeholders to validate and disseminate results. Outputs from this Stories of Change will include country briefs, country publications, country dissemination workshops, and slide decks on each country synthesis.

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Unpacking the complexity of improved nutrition in Ghana

Two new research initiatives have commenced in Ghana. These are ‘Stories of Change in Nutrition in Ghana’, and ‘Leveraging Food Systems for Improved Nutrition in Ghana’. Both have been initiated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). This report provides a summary of a consultative stakeholder meeting held jointly by the two initiatives on…

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Senegal Story of Change in Nutrition

This Senegal country brief from 2016 summarises a research study which tells a story to explain the interrelated factors that contributed to Senegal’s reduction in undernutrition. The hope is that these findings will help to contribute to wider impacts in terms of political commitment and policy coherence for nutrition. The brief is also available in French.