Stories of Change in Nutrition

Stories of Change are a series of country-focused mixed-methods studies that aim to capture and explain key nutrition trends over time. They do so via analysing trends in data, documenting changes in policy and programmes, capturing experiential learning from those doing nutrition-relevant work in-country or in the region (policy makers, program managers, implementers, nutrition champions) and – in some studies – experience at the community level.

Stories of Change studies are intended to be of use to policy makers and programme implementers who want to know what has changed in nutrition, or what has the potential to change, what is not working – and why – and what might be learnt from these stories, to inform nutrition-relevant policies and actions in the study countries but also to offer comparative lessons that are applicable elsewhere.

The Stories of Change studies are led by Transform Nutrition West Africa (TNWA) partners and consultants in Burkina Faso (Institute Supérieur des Sciences de Population (ISSP)), Nigeria (consultant/Ibadan University) and Ghana (University of Ghana), supported by the TNWA team in Dakar and TNWA researchers in IFPRI and IDS, UK. All studies are currently in operation and will be reporting in late 2019 / early 2020.

When complete, we expect the full set of studies – which also include work from earlier rounds in Senegal, Ethiopia and Zambia – as well as work in South Asia – to offer unique and accessible resources for decision makers and implementers wanting to tap into rigorously triangulated experiential knowledge on how things change in nutrition – and why.

The TNWA Stories of Change studies build upon similar studies carried out under the Transform Nutrition research consortium in 2015-2016 in Ethiopia, Zambia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Odisha (India), and Nepal. To read more about these earlier studies, please see

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By Richmond Aryeetey, Olutayo Adeyemi, Mara Van Den Bold, Elodie Becquey. Nick Nisbett, Zusia Turowska The ‘stories of change in nutrition’ initiative is a series of studies designed to systematically assess and analyse drivers of change in countries that have had success in accelerating improvements in nutrition. The multi-methods approach, which combines data and policy…

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By Namukolo Covic, IFPRI/A4NH Insightful stakeholder consultation and stakeholder network mapping events for the Nigeria Stories of Change in Nutrition Study were held in Abuja on 14 and 15 May 2019, respectively. Both were integral parts of the data collection process for the study that is part of the Transform Nutrition West Africa project supported…

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Two new research initiatives have commenced in Ghana. These are ‘Stories of Change in Nutrition in Ghana’, and ‘Leveraging Food Systems for Improved Nutrition in Ghana’. Both have been initiated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). This report provides a summary of a consultative stakeholder meeting held jointly by the two initiatives on…

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Country Briefs

This Senegal country brief from the first round of Stories of Change studies in 2015-16 summarises a research study which tells a story to explain the interrelated factors that contributed to Senegal’s reduction in undernutrition. The hope is that these findings will help to contribute to wider impacts in terms of political commitment and policy coherence for nutrition. The…